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James Apollo, Pull Down The Curtain  
Devendra Banhart, Cripple Cajun of  
Blue Mountain, Roots  
  The Camaros, Right Now I Hate You  
Brian Jay Cline, Quadrophinic Deluxe  
Brian Jay Cline, Fast Train to Brooklyn  
The Casting Couch, Row Your Boat  
  Eric Clapton, Journeyman  
Bill Culp, Roots'n'roll  
  Arthur Dodge. Nervous Habit  
The Doxies, Weight Of Gold  
  The Dubliners, Best of  
  The Figgs, Follow You Through The Sea  
  Jeffrey Dean Foster, The Leaves Turn Upside Down  
  Max Foster Band,Tempted  
The Fountains, Diamond Wheel  
  The Fountains, Ideal Amusment  
Joe Fournier, Dirt Road Joyride  

Joe Fournier, Raw Sugar Shed

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Joe Fournier, Three Chord MacGyver  
Joe Fournier, Truth & Twang  
Joe Fournier, Whiskey Stars  
Gila Bend, Natureburger  
  The Golden Dawn, Legend of the Dawn Live 2004  
  Gore Gore Girls, Get The Gore  
The Peter Gran Band  
Grandaddy, Sumday  
  Grief Birds, Paper Radio  
Bucky Halker, Dont Want Your Millions  
  Dave Halley, Broken Spell Cut-out
Brady Harris, Lone Star  
  Health and Happi9ness Show, Instant Living  
  Bruce Henderson, Beyond The Pale Cut-Out
  Herman's Hermits Originalalbum
  Al Holden, C'mon Over Rock'n'roll
  The Hollies, Best of the 70's  
Rich Hopkins, El Paso  
Mark Huff, Clean  
Mark Huff, Happy Judgement Day  
Mark Huff, Skeleton Faith  
Mark Huff & the Inflatables, Truth is Chaos  
Jim Hunter, Old Dogs For the Hard Road  
  Herb Jeffries,Volume One  
Jolene, The Pretty Dive  
  Hasse Klippare goes Instrumental With Elvis  
  Hasse Klippare plays country  
  The Scott Laurent Band, Caposville  
Lemonpeeler, The First Time  
Little Red Snapper  
Marlee MacLeod, Like Hollywood  
Magnolia Electric Co, Fading Trails  
  Juno Manson, One Horse town  
Maurice Mattei, Dead Rails  
  Maurice Mattei, Welcome Love  
Dave McCann, Woodland Tea  
Rod McDonald, Recognition  
Mark McKay, Nothing Personal  
Mike Meltzer, The Big Go-Round  
Eytan Mirsky, Everybody's Havin Fun Tonight  
The Moondog Show, Far Beyond  
Hunter Moore, Conversations  
Brent Moyer, Truth, Trust, Dreams and Heart  
Jeb Loy Nichols, Just What Time It Is  
Roy Orbison, Super Hits  
Phantom Limbs, Not In So Many Words  
Grant Lee Philips, Nineteeneighties  
Alun Piggins, Balladesque  
Cliff Richard, The Album  
  The Robber Barons, Kerosee Communion  
Saltgrass, Halfway Down  
Danny Santos, Sinners & Saints  
Stanley Smith, In The Land of Dreams  

Speed Dial, Kecam

The Sun Kings, Adios  
The Sun Kings, Brown Eyed Girl  
Supe & the Sandwiches, Pasta Man  
George Usher, Ludluw  
  Shana Wapponer, Contemplating Cacti  
  Eamon Vitt, Old Wave New Ride  
Jeff Witzeman & The Jealous Housewifes, In The Middle Of The Riddle  
Ove Wulff, Tail of the Scorpio  
David Wolfenberger, World of the Satisfyin Place  
All I Want For Christmas  
A Tribute to Big Star  
Every Word - A tribute to Let's Active  
iChiga! - The Best of San Jacinto 1988-98  
Rockin At The Barn  
Rockin At The Barn vol 2  
Rockin At The Barn vol 3  

Rockin At The Barn vol 4

Pris 30 kr

Rockin At The Barn vol 5